The Southern California economy, as well as that of the nation, has grown tremendously over the past 50 years.  Techni-Cast has also.  The company has manufactured in three locations near Los Angeles California.  The current South Gate facility was completed in 1972 and is comprised of 50,000 square feet under roof on a seven acre site southwest of Los Angeles.


Beginning in 1954, the company manufactured small to medium centrifugal castings in copper and aluminum alloys.  Bronze and brass selections gradually increased to better serve customer performance requirements. Responding to advancing needs, stainless alloys were added to our capabilities during the seventies in addition to nickel, cobalt and iron base alloys.  Along with increased size capability and automation, Techni-Cast now ranks as a premier foundry offering alloying and casting services.


Initially, rough machining services assured customers of integrity right at the plant location.  In order to provide finished components to industry we have also developed a comprehensive ability to machine centrifugal castings.


Today, the elements of alloying, casting, machining and testing come together to form a cohesive whole in the form of Techni-Cast: a company focused on conscientious fulfillment of your needs.