Centrifugal Castings

Techni-Cast Corp. is the largest centrifugal casting foundry in the western United States.  The company was founded in 1954 to produce engineered copper alloy castings for local industry.  Since then, it has grown to produce a wide range of alloys, shapes and sizes for supply both nationally, and to world markets.

       -bearing shells, spacers, glands
     -gears, glands, seal rings
 Aluminum Bronze
      -bushings, bearings, liners, rolls, cylinders
      -rolls, piping, structural tube
 Ductile Irons and Ni-Resists      
      -cylinder sleeves, bushings
 Stainless Steel      
      -tubes, balls, bodies, rolls, wear rings
 Cobalt Alloys      
      -bearings, spacers, liners, segmented rings
  Nickel Alloys      
      -balls, seats, seal rings
 Copper Nickel      
      -liners, valve bodies
 Iron Alloys      
      -cylinder sleeves, piston rings

Diameters to 52”,  Lengths to 100”,  Up to 4000 lbs.

Committed to tomorrow’s opportunities, and manufacturing value today.


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